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The visual language of the 1920’s was defined by sleek, geometric patterns, unparalleled elegance, and a stylized form that showed a globalized landscape of inspiration. During the Roaring Twenties, the Art Deco style dotted the New York skyline, including Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building. Now, a century later, we are still enamored by this design language in products, graphic design, and even movies (think of our continued interest in The Great Gatsby).

BREMOIR, an American watch microbrand has also been influenced by the Age of Art Deco in their debut watch, the Lexington. Inspired by the architectural details of the Chrysler Building (located on Lexington Avenue), this watch isn’t just a cookie cutter copy of the Art Deco style, but a celebration and reinterpretation of the design elements to produce a truly unique timepiece. With its symmetric dial and an understated elegance, the Lexington connects old and new, offering something for both the casual wearer as well as the more advanced watch enthusiast.

The Lexington is powered by a Swiss automatic movement and with a 39mm case diameter, it will comfortably fit most wrist sizes. With a vibrant stainless steel case, the metallic elements mirror the Chrysler building’s glimmering spire, while also gently contrasting the more understated colorways of the watch face. Most interesting are the subtle design elements that show BREMOIR is paying attention to the details.  There’s a unique and fitting application of lum around the hour markers and a hubcap inspired crown, which nods to Chrysler’s automotive roots. The exhibition case back lets you view the inner workings of the watch, a subtle touch that elevates the Lexington to another level.

The Lexington comes in five colorways Montauk Dawn, Havana, Morocco, Cloud Club, and Tuxedo and is available now.


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